These replicas are manufactured from
Faux Bone, Faux Horn or Wood.
Leather, for the 15thc mass produced cheap
Spectacles, will also be available soon.

Pewter and Brass for certain styles of
16th century frames will also be available soon.

The frames shown have small holes at the outside edge
to allow them to be held in place, with loops over ears for continued use.
We call it "re-enactor friendly".
There is no historic evidence for this for 13th to 16th century frames.

For true authenticity we also manufacture frame with out the loop holes to be clipped/rested on the nose or held in place to read.

Frames can be supplied without attachment holes for historic accuracy if required.
We do not fit lenses, any Optician should be able to do this for you. If not, try another one.
Some of my customers have used larger, National, High Street Opticians for lens fitting, with great success.

All frames are £35 / 44 Euro regardless of type or material.

Postage is £4 in the UK / 6 Euro to Eu countries

Most are in stock and ready to dispatch
A range of Medieval Spectacles, based on Archaeological and Historic references.
They range, in date, from the late 13th century Italian to early 16th century Flemish, German and Italian.
We are extending our range into the 16th century
We supply to Film, TV, Museums and Historic Venues
The styles shown were in use well into the 16th century.
As an example, a little over 6000 were imported through the Port of London in a
twelve month period
between 1480 and 1481.
Where they are now. No one knows.
There are very few archaeological finds!
One of the earliest references in this country dates
from early 14th century.
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